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Danni Free Interior Designer and Decorator

Danni Free is a qualified Interior Designer & Decorator, based in Surrey Hills, who specialises in residential and small commercial interiors. She loves working with local clients and offers flexible design and decorating services, from a single space to a complete home. Danni designs interior spaces that are a pleasure to live in and function to meet the needs of contemporary living.

Danni creates unique interiors that are cohesive, comfortable and connect with the family who works, lives and plays within the space. At the core of Danni’s design philosophy is originality.  Your space won’t be a replica of what’s been done before.  Danni maintains an awareness of current trends and classic styles but aims to create functional interior spaces with a unique injection of you.

Renovating, building or redecorating a home can be overwhelming in terms of decision making.  Uncertainty and rushed decision making can lead to budget blowouts and overall a stressful project.  Working with an interior designer means you can be confident that every design decision has been carefully considered and the design detail clearly communicated.  For you, this means less uncertainty and provides clarity for your entire trades team.


Who are we for?

Danni works with home owners who may be about to undertake a renovation, new build or want to refresh and redecorate their existing home. Her clients want their home to make an impression, feel inviting and function seamlessly for their family, but may be uncertain, overwhelmed or time poor, and unable to achieve this on their own.  They understand the benefits of utilising the creative eye and expertise of a qualified interior designer.


What are our Services?

Interior Design

  • Design concepts + mood boards to help with creative direction and cohesiveness.
  • Spatial planning and floor plan reviews to ensure functional layouts and the maximisation of space and light.
  • Custom joinery design for kitchen, bathroom and storage that functions to your lifestyle.
  • Sourcing + specifying of fixtures, finishes + fittings to relieve you of the overwhelming amount of design decisions. The scheduling documentation will ensure your trades are clear on exactly what goes where.

Interior Decorating

  • Spatial planning + floor plans to create a layout that addresses both aesthetic and functionality.
  • Sourcing + specification of:
    • Furniture
    • Soft furnishing + upholstery
    • Window treatments
    • Lighting
    • Art + object

One Off 2 hr Design Consults

A 2 hour onsite design consult is ideal for those seeking some general advice or ideas on decorating their space or you may have specific design/decorating challenges you need to talk through.


Contact Details:

Email:  danni@dannifree.com.au

Phone: 0455 550 028



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