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3Two Projects

We assist individuals and representatives in preparing their properties for sale, rent, or any necessary repairs and maintenance. We handle all required tasks, overseeing every aspect of the process and coordinating with various tradespeople from beginning to end.

Who are they for?

Our services cater to homeowners looking to sell or enhance their residences or rental properties, real estate agents, rental property managers, deceased estates, overseas or remote homeowners, and vendor advocates. We are ideal for individuals lacking the time, resources, or capability to undertake any aspect of property maintenance and renovations.


What are our Services?

At 3Two Projects, our process begins with an initial consultation with the vendor to discuss their needs, budget, and timeline, if selling we would be aiming to have the property ready for the campaign, usually within 3 to 4 weeks.  We provide tailored recommendations on updates and enhancements to maximise the property’s appeal.  Our comprehensive services include managing the project from start to finish, including co-ordinating all approved works, scheduling, and final cleaning.  Additionally, we offer styling services if required.


Contact Details.

Business:  3Two Projects


Phone:  0450 125 443

Email:  info@3twoprojects.com.au



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