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Curves Fitness Blackburn

Curves celebrates our 30th Birthday this year – the reason we are still around is because IT WORKS! Curves Blackburn, your local women’s gym, has been serving our community for over seventeen years, providing a supportive gym environment for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Our 30 minute circuit is designed to effectively deliver a workout that provides strength training, cardio and stretching.  You work every major muscle group on hydraulic resistance machines specifically designed for women.

Who are we for?

Our services suit women of any age and fitness level – you will increase muscle strength, burn off body fat, improve flexibility along with taking strides to improve your overall health and fitness.

What are our Services?

  • 30 minute circuit with coaches to support and motivate
  • MyZone Fitness Tracker
  • Body Composition Scan – more than 40 measurements for a personalized, detailed analysis
  • Short term courses to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor, Better Balance & Posture, Stretching & Stress Management and our recently introduced 8 Week Body Project
  • Nutrition & Weight Management program to complement your fitness regime
  • Body Basic Classes on the circuit to help keep you motivated to workout.  Our Dance & Tone and Yoga inspired Balance classes are particularly popular
  • On-line programme – My Curves on Demand
  • Curves Blackburn offers our Members and Followers a three month introduction package for $289 (as at August 2022).

Contact Details:

Business Name:  Curves Blackburn
Address:  Level 1.  8A Blackburn Road, Blackburn.
Phone Number: (03) 9877 1814

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