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Leigh-Lancaster Consulting

Leigh-Lancaster Consulting has the leadership, analysis and experience to work with you to achieve your goals in education and learning, with particular expertise in the area of mathematics education and numeracy.

We work with schools, government, universities, and other educational organisations to align strategic thinking with practical implementation. This can involve leading, facilitation, professional learning, research and evaluation, learning design, resource development.

We bring an in-depth understanding of effective teaching and learning practices with a collaborative approach.

Who are we for?

Antje and David Leigh-Lancaster are experienced consultants in the field of mathematics education. In 2021 they co – founded Leigh-Lancaster Consulting, which specialises in providing expert advice and support to schools and educational organisations, on a range of mathematics education related matters, including supporting numeracy development across all subjects.

David was the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Mathematics Curriculum Manager from 1998 – 2021. He has worked with leading educators from across Australia, the UK, France, US, Japan, and China. Most recently he was one of four writers for the new ACARA Australian Curriculum: Mathematics V9.

Antje has worked closely with teachers, academics, educational organisations and resource developers across Australia, focused on building teacher capacity through professional learning and creating resources focused on incorporating evidence-based practice for print, blended and digital only modes of deliver.

What are our Services?

  • Working with primary and secondary teams to improve mathematics and numeracy learning outcomes ranging from one off professional learning events to longer engagements.
  • Exploring learning activities that incorporate modelling, problem-solving, computational thinking, experimentation, simulation or investigation.
  • Developing assessment programs to complement curriculum implementation
  • Researching specific areas of interest and providing strategic and policy advice
  • Designing innovative learner-centred programs that incorporates research evidence into practical learning and resource design.

Contact Details:


Website:  Leigh-Lancaster Consulting

Email:  contact@leighlancasterconsulting.com.au

Phone:  +61 3 9568 5877





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