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Your Optometrist in Brentford Square!

We have fantastic eye wear brands with an incredible choice in quality, style, pricing, and materials.  We’ll also customise the most suitable lens for your prescription, work and lifestyle.

We have a holistic approach to all areas of eye health and deliver outstanding eye care and eye tests.


Who are we for?

Eyewear Architects provide quality eyecare to the local community. Our patients range from infants to the elderly. We are even wheelchair accessible!

What are our Services?

  • Comprehensive Eye Examinations.
  • Retinal Photography
  • Computerised Perimetry
  • Colour Vision Assessment
  • Contact Lens Measurement and Fitting
  • Dry Eye Assessment
  • Paediatric Vision Assessments
  • Eyewear Styling with qualified Stylists

Contact Details:

Business Name:  Eyewear Architects

Address:  Shop 24  Brentford Square, Forest Hill

Website:: www.eyeweararchitetcs.com.au

Phone Number:  (03) 7038 9290

Email:  sales@eyearchitects.com.au



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