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Sam Says

Sam Says is a dynamic marketing business founded by Sam McFarlane, a passionate content marketer and social media specialist. With over 15 years of marketing experience in corporate roles and an academic background in Commerce (majoring in Marketing), Sam has a rich history in the field. After leaving the corporate world in 2012, she established Sam Says to focus on helping SMEs enhance their online presence. Her services are tailored to create standout social and online content, ensuring businesses are not just visible but remarkable in the digital space.


Who are we for?

Sam Says is ideal for SMEs who have been operating their businesses for a few years and are looking to elevate their online presence. The client base is diverse, including property, health and wellness, leisure, construction, and various professional services. These clients benefit from Sam’s extensive experience and her unique approach to social media and content marketing, which is not just about being seen but being remembered.


What are our Services?

The services offered at Sam Says encompass a full suite of social media management and content marketing solutions, including:

Social Media Management & Content Marketing: Developing consistent, engaging content for platforms like social media, emails, and blogs.

Social Media Strategy & Consultations: Crafting and refining content strategies to attract and engage the ideal audience.

Social Media Presentations & Workshops: Updating social media skills, sharing professional tips, and facilitating easy methods for content creation.

Content Production and Client Liaison: Managing content production and client interactions to ensure brand alignment and effective messaging.

Keynote Speaking Engagements: Providing informative and engaging talks on content marketing strategies and trends.

Team Training: Educating teams on effective content production, planning, and publishing techniques.


Contact Details:


Phone 0416 008 678




Email: sam@samsays.com.au

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