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Flexible Workspaces to Mitigate Risk

Flexible workspaces such as coworking are often recognised as the perfect solution for startups and small businesses, looking to take that next step in their business, but with the impact of COVID-19, both startups and established businesses are putting flexible workspace solutions at the top of their risk mitigation strategies.

If you’re thinking about getting back to work, it’s important to consider how your workspace can adapt to the ‘new normal’ and how it manages new risks.


Here are 4 reasons why flexible workspaces are being considered as the best solution to mitigate business risks:


  1. Reduce financial risk

Coworking spaces and serviced offices allow you more room to breathe financially as you can tailor packages to meet your exact needs and requirements, so you only pay for what you need, minimising unnecessary expenses. The invoices are delivered monthly, providing predictability which can help with cash flow calculations, thus making expenses easier to be managed and improved. You will also save on maintenance costs as all the outgoings are taken care of.


  1. Minimise security risks

It’s critical that businesses secure both their company data and that of their clients. As more professionals work from home, the risk of cyber-security breaches, identity theft, and hacking are set to increase. Victory Offices flexible workspaces have a whole network of security measures put in place to prevent hacking and security leaks.


  1. Scalability

Coworking offers the freedom and flexibility to scale up or down at short notice. As businesses take on a greater workforce, or cut down, they can adjust accordingly with ease. Companies can move in their employees straight away and get down to business immediately as it’s simply ‘plug in and play’.


  1. Focus on core business operations

Business owners can ensure seamless running of their business whilst administrative tasks are taken care of. Forget IT setup, daily cleaning, and administration duties, it’s all taken care of with a workspace solution. So you have more time to focus on what really matters, your business.


It is crucial now and beyond to seamlessly pivot business operations and to negate business risks where possible. Thankfully, Victory Offices has continued to remain open and provide our members a creative, risk-minimising, and safe space to bring together the thriving, multicultural, and professional community of Box Hill.

Victory Offices is having an upcoming OPEN COWORKING DAY at Box Hill where you can try out the exceptional facilities and services for FREE.

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