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Why do women need to exercise differently?

Women are different from men and this is not saying we shouldn’t have equality – we are however not small men and our fitness should not be a one size fits all approach….The differences between women and men go beyond basic anatomy and up until 25 years ago all health research was done on men! This has changed but there is a lot of catch up to do and also relates to women’s exercise programs?

As more research is conducted our differences are more apparent. The fact we have a menstrual cycle (a whole other article!), our musculoskeletal and anatomical make up is different can often present issues that requires a different approach to exercise.

So why train differently to men?

  • Women have increased joint laxity that is associated with mechanical dysfunctions of shoulders, low back, hips, knees, ankles and feet, hyper mobility & flexibility can lead to instability and coordination
  • Muscles that are favoured by estrogen, are more fatigue resistant and have faster recovery
  • Postural dysfunctions such as kyphosis, forward head posture & lordosis
  • Wider Q angle (wider hips & pelvic cavities) due to inhibition of gluteus muscles can lead to lower extremity pronation, improper tracking of knees, improper shock absorption in movements such as jumping & muscle imbalances
  • High Heel Pelvic Tilt causing weaker abdominal muscles, lengthened weak hamstrings, pronation, poor breathing mechanics, pelvic floor dysfunction and more
  • Postnatal Orthopaedics can occur from 6 weeks up to 20 years after giving birth
  • 78% of autoimmune diseases are women
  • 2/3 of Alzheimer’s patients are women
  • 2x more migraines or suffer depression
  • Post Menopause heart disease 2.5x more than men
  • Pelvic pain due to reproductive procedures, sexual trauma, pregnancy and birth changes.

But all hope is not lost! I’m not a doctor but I am passionate about women’s health and exercise and our women’s approach is paramount to a successful program. If your current trainer or fitness centre have not asked you the serious women questions, start the discussion and if they can’t answer think about finding an alternative. Your health and differences as a woman are to be recognised and celebrated.

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Contact: Linda Terlikar-Legras.  Owner and Personal Trainer at ALTA Fitness.



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