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Co-Active Life Design

Co-Active Life Design is dedicated to elevating overall well-being through an array of tools, strategies, and practices. Our nurturing, trauma-informed environment provides individuals a judgment-free and pressure-free space. Our approach recognises and honours each person’s past experiences, nurturing healing and fostering growth. These transformative life-enhancing skills, supported by both local and international research, empower individuals to confidently manage challenges such as stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Embracing these skills also nurtures self-awareness and self-acceptance, guiding individuals towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Who are we for?

Our services are tailored for individuals facing challenges such as overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. They are also designed for those weighed down by the relentless cycle of managing numerous commitments, consistently prioritising others’ needs and possibly experiencing exhaustion or a sense of falling short in various aspects of life.


What are our Services?

Well-being coaching and trauma-sensitive meditation and mindfulness services


Contact Details:

Business:  Co-Active Life Design.


Phone 0482 915 555




Email:  hello@coactivelifedesign.com.au

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