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Head Start Communications – Public Relations Agency

Head Start Communications is a niche Public Relations Agency.

Who are we for?

We help individuals, small business and the not for profit sector with their brand recognition, public perception and maximise media exposure.

Given the increased competitive nature of the business world, small business and individuals need to make themselves more appealing and interesting to the public so they stand out in a crowd. Head Start Communications provides a public relations service to individuals, small business and the not for profit sector in order to; boost profile, gain publicity and increase exposure.

What are our Services?

Whether you’re just starting out, want to spread the word about a particular product or service, or simply want to rejuvenate your business, Head Start Communications aims to effectively and creatively communicate your business’ story to build its brand and create awareness.

Head Start Communications works with a diverse range of individuals and organisations that span many industry sectors. We specialise in PR for start-ups, events, education, health & beauty and fashion. Head Start has also represented some of Australia’s leading brands.

We thrive on seeing the positive impact our PR input has on our clients and giving them the head start that they and their business deserve

Contact Details:

Business:  Head Start Communications.


Phone 0415 169 015



Email:  kate@headstartcommunications.com.au

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