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Embracing Bella

As the designer and director of Embracing Bella, I have a deep love for amazing prints and vibrant colors that allow me to express myself. Being a size 18 myself, I struggled to find clothing that was both fun and comfortable while reflecting my personality. Unfortunately, most trendy brands only catered up to size 16, leaving me with clothing that I wasn’t completely satisfied with or at ease wearing. This led me to create Embracing Bella, a brand that focuses on limited-edition pieces designed to make a bold statement. Our aim is to bring the joy of wearing unique and fabulous clothing to larger sizes. Our motto is simple: Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be you!  While I cherished my 10 years as a Registered Nurse, working alongside amazing colleagues, I see it as part of my journey that has brought me to this point. Fashion has always been my true passion.

Who are we for?

We make clothing for women of all ages and walks of life. Currently we range clothing in AU women’s size 14 to 30, but are proudly expanding our sizing range to size 10 to 30. We create functional, comfortable and high-quality garments for real bodies with shapes and curves.

What are our Services?

We have an online store that offers delivery and click and collect from both our Vermont warehouse and Mornington store locations. We also have a store in Mornington which is accessible and our friendly staff can offer you assistance in finding an outfit for any occasion.

Contact Details:

Website:  Embracing Bella

Email:  bella@embracingbella.com

Phone:  0405 387 593





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