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Happy Cultural Diversity Week – Yarra Valley Water

At Yarra Valley Water we stand for a fair and equitable society.  We join the Community in celebrating Cultural Diversity Week this month (21-29 March) as we embrace diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

But what do we mean by diversity and inclusion?

Our broad view and recognition of diversity takes shape in a myriad of ways including culture and religion, ethnicity and language, the spectrum of gender, socioeconomic status, geography and access to resources and opportunities.

Our active focus on inclusion means we create the conditions and environment to enable everyone in our diverse workforce to thrive and make their best contributions and remain responsive and accessible to the whole of the community.

Our four key focus areas include: reflecting the community, gender balance, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation; and workplace flexibility.

At Yarra Valley Water, we engage in a journey of continuous action, refection and improvement to strengthen diversity and inclusion at Yarra Valley Water. Our staff participate in training and activities that help to raise awareness of diversity, disadvantage and discrimination. This helps us to be better equipped to play our role in creating an inclusive workplace and providing inclusive services.

In addition, we have Employee-led working groups in place to further drive and embed our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and culture into our workplace.

Find out more information and check out our Diversity and Inclusion strategy. www.yvw.com.au/diversity

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