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Strength & Resistance Training is important for Women – Alta Fitness

After we turn 30, women naturally start to decline in muscle strength about 1% each year. In fact, those who are inactive can lose up to 8%! Age related muscle loss is a part of life, it is a process called sarcopenia. Major drivers in aging such as chronic inflammation, reduced physical activity and tension (load) is known to accelerate muscle loss, so this means we need to add load to our muscles i.e. strength & resistance training. Women have 57% of our muscles in our lower body and 37% of total body muscle mass is in our upper body. Men on the other hand have 40% (avg) in their upper body and 30% in their lower however for both men and women the rate of age-related muscle loss is much faster in the lower body and this is important to know to ensure we work on these areas.

What can we do about it?

It certainly doesn’t have to be daunting but it does take some effort – we have to exercise, move often, move well and Strength & Resistance training should be a part of your weekly fitness regime.

The ramifications of not looking after your muscle and bone strength can cause decline in our ability to move well, being unstable / the risk of falls, broken bones, injuries and more, such as osteoporosis. Strength & resistance training be it body weight, hand weights, machines or resistance bands, bring an abundance of health benefits at any age in a women’s life.

  • Increasing, maintaining & preserving bone density particularly weight bearing and resistance training thus preventing diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Focussing on strengthening muscles that support the spine and hips as they are areas that are most vulnerable to injury and bone mineral loss.
  • Speeds up our metabolism via increased muscle mass boosting your resting metabolism
  • Increases lean muscle mass which can also have benefits for people with Type 2 Diabetes (helps blood glucose levels remain more stable and lower fat to weight ratio reduces amount of insulin needed)
  • Finding what works for you, the individual, your energy levels & time available is important, so if you’re not including Strength & Resistance training in your weekly regime start now, its vitally important to your long-term health

Linda Terlikar-Legras  

Personal Trainer & Owner at ALTA Fitness, Fitness and Wellness Coach, Woman & A Mum!

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